The oldest trace of the place where Het PalingsHuis is located now goes back to 1506. Until 1870 there was a house on the corner of the Caeye and the Costerstraet called Het Haentje, later also Amsterdam. Successive residents were beer bargemen and beer suppliers with horses and carts. 

The house was demolished around 1870 and replaced by the current building. The oldest photo dates from 1890, when the building was called Het PalingsHuis. The oldest written reference dates from 1901 in the weekly De Schelde, when the business was run by the couple Emiel De Wolf and Josefien Roosen. The cafe became a restaurant, a popular formula that was later taken over by other managers as well. 

On 1 August 1973 Remi Van Grasdorff and Annemie Goossens took over the restaurant. They were only occupied for a few months when Temse was hit by a flood in December 1973, with Het PalingsHuis as one of the worst affected houses. Three weeks of closure was the result, in addition to several hundreds of thousands of francs of damage. 

However, the pair started with full courage and persevered. Thanks to a combination of dedication, knowledge, skill and many other qualities, they still enjoyed a true success in the demanding hospitality sector. 

The PalingsHuis knew a steady growth and the call of the gastronomic quality echode ever further. Temse revived and hundreds of tourists found their way to the city on the Scheldt again.